Journeys with Vagabroad Journals

A Matter Of Heart was our first full length production and first time collaborating with Visual Artist Brian Michael Reed and Electronic Duo Pax Humana.

Owner of Vagabroad Journals, Chimene Jackson joined us one day before the premiere of our installation performance this past February.  In addition to taking photographs, Jackson recently blogged about her experience witnessing our creative procedures as we hurried to complete our work the evening prior. 

Click below to see additional photographs and notes taken by Chimene.


ZEST COLLECTIVE featured in Dance Mogul Magazine!

Never before in the history of dance has a company ever had an entire magazine devoted exclusively to profiling the company's members, vision, mission, stage performances and ethos. I would like to thank Basil Harris and Anthony Dushaan Cave-Harris for featuring me and members of ZEST COLLECTIVE Contemporary Performance Art in their December Issue of Dance Mogul Magazine!

Choreographic Explorations, November 2014

ZEST COLLECTIVE Contemporary Performance Art is moving forward with a new production entitled:  “SOMEONE SPECIAL - Lorca in New York.”  The work will be a response to the tragic execution of Spanish Poet Federico García Lorca and will explore themes of gypsy culture, surrealism, and Federico’s fond appreciation of African American spirituals developed during his many years in the heart of Harlem.

Unlike his traditional Spanish culture, New York gave Federico his first experience of somewhere foreign - his first glimpse of huge urban crowds and a democratic, uprooted populace as varied and restless as a kaleidoscope.

Tune in to November’s Choreographic Explorations!

Choreographic Explorations, July 2014

I am currently out of New York City, creating a new dance entitled "ITOKAGA" for the Peter London Global Dance Company in Miami, Florida.  I am enjoying the beautiful weather although sometimes the heat is too much to handle.  I am a native of Florida so I am also cherishing the time I get to spend with my friends and relatives.

I would like to share some more work by ZEST COLLECTIVE Contemporary Performance Art.  Check out two videos showcasing some of the things I discovered alongside the #zestbugs this summer following our performances at the Harlem Book Fair and the Harlem Arts Festival.  I had a wonderful time directing the dancers in the studio and look forward to seeing them again when I return to New York City in the middle of September.

Tune in to a choreographic collaboration between myself and Dance Artist Umi Akiyoshi along with students from Hassan Blandford's FIRST TO FIFTH dance summer intensive (2014).  

"TALK ABOUT A CHILE" is a work created from abstracted compositional exercises.

Most of the material was originally devised through collaborative aid with my composition students at FIRST TO FIFTH.  I filmed them throughout the summer days.  Through a thorough abstraction process I began landscaping material with clippings of movement sequences to present to Umi.  The final product is an expansion of a digital collage, composed of snippets of “innocent” movement developed by students between the ages of 11 and 16.

MANYETTA (rehearsal procedures)

“MANYETTA” was loosely inspired by lyrics from a few poems I have been writing:


The sky

And the water that follows the variations of the clouds...

The Ether and the mountains that wait for ever's return...

All of this:  The transformative light.


An eye closer than the pair I own,

A thought closer than my heart alone.

Like a face that smiles and weeps with mine.

Like a soul uninvisible.


All of this, you have given me.

A self sweeter than the atman of stars,

Like God, the allure lies between the love we gave birth to rise and rise.


Eye to eye, we see like marvel.


A calm reality,

enriched and restored.


A prefigured blessing moves an eternal stream,

whose waves begin to shallow an ocean of souls.



Nature tells of an honest heart - 

A dream I could not forget.


Manyetta is an East African Compound, often temporary, established by a family or clan as an encampment of young warriors.  Dance Artist Łukasz Zieba represents the strong warrior inside us all.  Watch as he rises from the shore, is birthed into existence and undergoes blissful joy and the many perils of human existence in this Contemporary Meditation.  The work was performed at the 16th annual Harlem Book fair on July 12th, 2014.  View Zieba rehearsing at Gibney Dance.  Enjoy!

HAF2014 Spotlight

A few weeks ago a gentleman named Jerome Shaw came into a rehearsal to gather promotional material for the Harlem Arts Festival.  We did an interview and filmed class and a rehearsal procedures.  I am extremely happy with the video's final product and am thrilled to continue creating work with the beautiful #zestbugs.  Take a look!