Jesse Obremski on the beauty of violence

I met Jesse Obremski when we were both students at the Ailey School.  I remember watching him improv in the studio one day and being absolutely fascinated.  When trying to develop material for LAUNCH and other small works I sought him out as I knew his creative energies would lend well to my task and image-based directions.

We played around in the studio one evening and discussed the beauty of violent movement as well as the generosity of exploration.  Like all the members of ZEST COLLECTIVE, Obremski is a uniquely generous dancer and human being and I am terribly excited to continue working with him.  I look forward to supporting his other creative endeavors.

Jesse Obremski is currently in his second year at the Juilliard School and is set to graduate in 2016 with a B.F.A. in dance.  Check him out!