Creating "Migration Study #45," with Malcolm Low

I met Malcolm Low when he set his work, “One Forgotten Moment” my first year with Ailey II.  Needless to say a lot of my Artistic development can be attributed to the demands of his unique choreographic process.  From him I drew insight on abstract storytelling through movement and Literary Arts.

I subsequently joined Low’s company, “Formal Structure” in the summer of 2013 and began working on a production about The Great Migration of African-Americans in America entitled, “Migration Study #45.”  While working on a duet with Dance Artist, Jenna Graves who I have had the frequent pleasure of partnering, Malcolm mentioned the idea of expanding the work to include more dancers.  At this time I had become terribly interested in film and sharing dance-making procedure, having spent a considerable amount of time that summer documenting the creation of STILL with my friend, Shariffa Ali.  The thought of engaging more dancers to work with Low to share similar rewarding experiences brought me great delight and an even greater joy imagining the the prospects of catching it all on film.  I asked a few friends whom I was interested in seeing tackle Malcolm’s movement literature and he agreed to let them participate.  Jenna and I were met by Tyler Brown, Matthew Perez and Carlos Kerr Jr, who all joined ZEST COLLECTIVE later that year.  In 2014 Malcolm Low joined ZEST COLLECTIVE as Artistic Advisor.

View a bit of what we discovered...

Rehearsal, Day One

Rehearsal, Day Two

Rehearsal, Day Three

(Interview) Malcolm Low, on "Migration Study #45"