Generation Movement Workshop (GMW), Fall 2013

In the fall of 2013 ZEST COLLECTIVE held their first Generation Movement Workshop (GMW) at Hunter College in New York City.  I devised the workshop to integrate the dancers with one another and to teach several dance phrases along with image-based directions to generate movement material for ZEST's Contemporary Web Drama, LAUNCH.  

During the workshop, photographer, Cody Perkins shot the dancers for the company's website and publications.

Excerpt One

Excerpt Three

Excerpt Two

Excerpt Four

Two small works were briefly explored and I had the pleasure to catch it all on film!  Jenna Graves, Shuaib Dee Elhassan and Matthew Perez were among the first to arrive to the workshop.  I worked with Jenna and Shuaib by giving them image based material.  Matthew Perez was shown a video of ZEST choreographer, Raymond Pinto improving in a narrow hotel bedroom.  His task was to gather the material.  We then worked on expanding some of the movement.  "Paradox of Unused Wings," shows this collaborative effort.  

"Between Womb and Air" shows Dance Artists, Jake Stainback and Sergio Tapia-Fikes improving together for the first time.  I extracted the background noise and added a clip of ambient music and discovered an immense of amount of beauty on display as the two dancers discovered each other's bodies for the first time.  

The movement material found in both of the following videos can be seen in "LAUNCH," ZEST's first Contemporary Web Drama as our collaborative efforts spawned many unique creations.

"Paradox of Unused Wings"

"Between Womb and Air"