REVERIE - The Premiere

ZEST COLLECTIVE has been invited to perform at the Harlem Arts Festival (HAF) in June.  On March 13th, 2014 ZEST COLLECTIVE premiered "REVERIE" at MIST CINEMAS for the HAF fundraiser gala.

I enlisted the help Raymond Pinto and Julia Headley for the creation of "REVERIE."  Using abstracted improvisations and snippets from large creations shared via email, I restructured movement material and made new works with the Dance Artists.  What began as two short solos became a 13 minute creation for four dancers.

Due to timing and funds "REVERIE" was created in just four days.  Tune in to our creative process!

"REVERIE" is a contemporary meditation divided in three vignettes.  "REVERIE" explores the fleeting imagery of dream landscapes where human contact is but a metaphor and seemingly unrelated events magnify a collective radiance and the brief unravelling of humane defenses.

View a rehearsal of the finished product: