MANYETTA (rehearsal procedures)

“MANYETTA” was loosely inspired by lyrics from a few poems I have been writing:


The sky

And the water that follows the variations of the clouds...

The Ether and the mountains that wait for ever's return...

All of this:  The transformative light.


An eye closer than the pair I own,

A thought closer than my heart alone.

Like a face that smiles and weeps with mine.

Like a soul uninvisible.


All of this, you have given me.

A self sweeter than the atman of stars,

Like God, the allure lies between the love we gave birth to rise and rise.


Eye to eye, we see like marvel.


A calm reality,

enriched and restored.


A prefigured blessing moves an eternal stream,

whose waves begin to shallow an ocean of souls.



Nature tells of an honest heart - 

A dream I could not forget.


Manyetta is an East African Compound, often temporary, established by a family or clan as an encampment of young warriors.  Dance Artist Łukasz Zieba represents the strong warrior inside us all.  Watch as he rises from the shore, is birthed into existence and undergoes blissful joy and the many perils of human existence in this Contemporary Meditation.  The work was performed at the 16th annual Harlem Book fair on July 12th, 2014.  View Zieba rehearsing at Gibney Dance.  Enjoy!